The students’ academic journal

(ISSN 2353-0669)

has been started at the beginning of the academic year 2012/2013 as an initiative of the students  of University of Public and Individual Security “Apeiron” in Krakow, Poland, only to gradually become an international student publishing initiative (our international Editorial Board is one of the proofs for that).


Security, Economy and Law publishes students’ papers within the following scientific disciplines:

  • administration,
  • law,
  • security sciences.


Initially, the aim of the journal Security, Economy and Law was to promote the academic work of University of Public and Individual Security “Apeiron”, especially that performed by its students – future researchers and specialists, among others those belonging to Autonomous Security Systems Administration research circle, a very active student organisation within our University.

However, now our primary objective is to gather and publish quality academic texts authored by students from all over Europe and the world, thus advancing the scientific cooperation between young researchers within the disciplines of security sciences, economics, and law.

Many a time findings made by budding scientists suddenly gain recognition and become serious contributions to the global inventory of knowledge. Security, Economy and Law journal gives students’ works an opportunity to be recognized by the international academic community.


Publication in Security, Economy and Law is open to students and researchers from all tertiary education units in the world, whose papers succeed through our reviewing procedure. The publishing fee is suspended, however if an author decides to withdraw his article after it has been positively reviewed, he will anyway be required to pay 40 PLN (10 €) per article. More information on how to become our author can be found in For Authors section.

Frequency & medium

Security, Economy and Law  is a half-yearly. Electronic version is the primary version of the journal.