Koncepcja realizacji projektu wysokospecjalistycznej platformy planowania cywilnego i ratownictwa

Janusz Zawiła-Niedźwiecki, Marek Kisilowski
Politechnika Warszawska

[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”]As set forth in the Competition NCBiR 7/2015 assumptions, the aim of the project is “Development and implementation of the needs of government entities and organizational units KSRG highly advanced IT tools supporting civil emergency planning and rescue”. During the implementation, special attention is directed at two groups of beneficiaries of the project, ie. Public administration and National Rescue and Fire Fighting (KSRG), and civil emergency planning and rescue. Pursuant to the requirements of the Polish Act on civil crisis management planning is to ensure the readiness to take at a specific time, place and extent of organized, adequate to the situation and effective measures in accordance with prepared plans or improvise according to the tasks arising from the real threat. This is to ensure an acceptable level of safety by preparing and maintaining reliable and adequate capacity to respond to threats. The activities included in these response should be either organized at all levels according to the situation and should provide: effective administration in such a situation, implementing and maintaining the capacity to respond, ensure the implementation of the most important social and economic processes, securing a rational and timely assistance to victims of disaster and disasters, the rational use of human, financial and material. Such measures should ensure readiness to respond to any threat and in all conditions and the use of resources in any situation on the stretch as civilian and military. This requires continuous updating of documentation and process improvement of crisis management, which also allows you to conduct rational action at the level of the minimum cost of the human and financial material. One of the most important conditions for civil planning is also compliance with the requirement to engage appropriate resources and expertise to the specific situation. This ensures responsiveness to the lowest level necessary to respond and ensure the inclusion of all levels of government, institutions, organizations and businesses, and all residents. Rescue, the second area of the project objectives, it is generally understood as the means and methods of saving lives and helping people in hazardous conditions, as well as serving saving or securing equipment, rooms and other goods. Design works are carried out for the needs of public administration and organizational units of the KSRG, whose task is to integrate the rescue operations undertaken in the case of threats to life, health, property or the environment, the ministry established to provide assistance and social organizations of such profile.
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public crisis management, civil emergency planning, rescue, services appointed to rescue
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