Občianska angažovanosť na Slovensku – minulosť a súčasnosť

Adriana Vasiľková
Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica

[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”]The term civic engagement is handled by the author in a non-traditional way. This term accounts for the participation of citizen – voter in the societal life, their civic activities and their individual contribution to the societal intellectual basis of an individual who should not be manipulated, but should be free to act with their free will. There is no society without citizen. This motto of the ancient Greece poleis is getting more and more topical since man can be either Homo sapiens or Homo ludens, but the citizen is always the citizen. They are the part of the society wherein they live. They determine which values will be created when the societal balance is changed.[/accordion]
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civic engagement, citizenship, civil society, national emancipation, identity, nationalism, civic associations, social organizations
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[accordion title=”DOI”] 10.24356/SEL/20/5 [/accordion]