Time as an important element of security from the point of view of cultural diversity

Łukasz Trzciński, Juliusz Piwowarski
Wyższa Szkoła Bezpieczeństwa Publicznego i Indywidualnego „Apeiron” w Krakowie

[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”]The article focuses on the idea of time as an inherent element of live. Authors display that space and time are two coexisting parameters which have parallel significance for culture and security as they affect everyone, regardless of age, nation, place of living etc. Nowadays, there are the societies in which “time is money”, where time became an utilitarian value, a limited commodity. Manipulation of time and different ways of so called “playing on time” are very dangerous as influence on and often distort cultural perception. Examples of varying cultural perceptions of time are numerous and usually connected with using technology. Authors explain that relations between time, people, culture and its diversity can be considered as factors which constitute the functions of the culture of national security which emerge from the extramaterial, ethical and organisational sphere of the culture of national security.[/accordion]
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time, space, cultural diversity, national security
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[accordion title=”DOI”] 10.24356/SEL/20/4 [/accordion]