Agresja w Policji – element systemu czy wypadkowa błędów

Bogusław Jaremczak
Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku

[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”]From time to time, public opinion is shaken by the reports of aggressive or
brutal behaviour of police officers. Some of these incidents ends tragically, as
exemplified by the death of Igor Stachowiak at the police station in Wrocław
in 2016. We can wonder whether the right conclusions have been drawn
from this situation, and how the citizens’ security situation has improved
since then. The events from the last few years mentioned in the article show
that the situation has not improved significantly, officers are still behaving
in a shocking way and these are not isolated cases. The article also attempts
to indicate the possible causes of this state of affairs, while pointing out that
changes in the approach to this problem in the police force are necessary.
The author strongly highlights that there is no social consent for this type of
behaviour. For the above reasons, the police, as an institution of high social
trust, appointed to protect the life, health and safety of citizens, require both
internal and social control.[/accordion]
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police aggression, human rights violation, coercive measures, abuse of power, violation of dignity, prohibition of torture
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[accordion title=”DOI”] 10.24356/SEL/21/1 [/accordion]