Zapobieganie przestępczości przez kształtowanie przestrzeni – założenia programu CPTED wraz z przykładami jego realizacji na osiedlu Grenadierów w Warszawie

Dorota Zbroszczyk
Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Humanistyczny w Radomiu
Wydział Filologiczno-Pedagogiczny

Katarzyna Borkowska
Uniwersytet w Białymstoku
Wydział Prawa

[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”]Safety is one of the basic human needs and one of its aspect is lack of sense of danger in a place of residence. Generally applicable law regulations oblige state organs to guarantee security to its citizens. One of the strategies to minimalize risk of the criminal victimisation in the place of residence is appropriate projection, administration and maintenance of the area. The local community should cooperate with the government and local government authorities to create a safe zone. CPTED program consists of creating areas which through behavioural influence on the potential offender discourage him from the attack and at the same time is the alternative for closed housing estates. The examples of implementation of the assumptions of CPTED program in Grenadierów Estate in Warsaw lead to a conclusion that criminal prevention through design is becoming more and more popular in Poland.[/accordion]
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security, safety, criminal prevention, local community, CPTED, environmental design
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[accordion title=”DOI”] 10.24356/SEL/21/6 [/accordion]