Przyczyny oraz konsekwencje występowania zaburzeń psychicznych u żołnierzy biorących udział w misjach

Anna Lisowska

[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”]Soldiers who take part in foreign missions are extremely vulnerable to traumatic events related to their duties. Pre-departure training should cover not only areas directly related to actions at the front, but also psychological preparation and the possible consequences of long-term stress and traumatic events. Such exercises could then help soldiers minimize the effects of experiences they have had in the conflict region. Soldiers should have wider access to psychological help so as to be able to solve problems related to mental disorders on an ongoing basis. Different aspects of stress should be taken into account, not just those closely related with warfare on the battlefield.[/accordion]
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stress, danger, mission, suicide[/accordion]

[accordion title=”DOI”]10.24356/SEL/23/5[/accordion]