Zagrożenia cybernetyczne dla młodego użytkownika sieci w perspektywie rozwoju społeczeństwa informacyjnego

Anita Jopek

Magdalena Kinda

[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”]Development of the information society includes not only the expansion of the Internet network or use of new technologies in people’s lives, but also a wide range of previously unknown challenges and threats which in many cases, because of their cybernetic nature, may seem unrealistic. Yet, they pose serious threats to the safety of Internet users, in particular adolescents, who often do not understand the risks involved and become victims, or perpetrators, of cyber pathology. Information and communication technologies are inseparable elements of the life of a young person, which is why it is so important to study this new area of the functioning of adolescents in order to protect them from new dangers. The article shows the results of a survey conducted in 2017 by one of the authors. The study aimed to investigate the scale of the development of new technologies and their role in young people’s life.[/accordion]
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cyber patologies, cyber threats, Internet threats, electronic aggression, cyberbullying[/accordion]

[accordion title=”DOI”] 10.24356/SEL/23/4[/accordion]