Policja w systemie zarządzania kryzysowego

Juliusz Piwowarski
Barbara Piwowarska
Jacek A. Piwowarski



The police is a component of the Polish crisis management system, in addition to being the principal formation responsible for public safety and order in the country. The aim of the article is to present how the police force functions, particularly within the context of emergency situations. The article begins with a description of the organisational structure of the Polish police force and how its actions are organised in crisis situations. In addition, the forms in which the Police cooperates with the administration, local authorities and the media are presented. The final section deals with the statutory responsibilities of the Police in emergency situations. This enabled the author to prove the thesis that the goal of the Police is to eliminate threats as quickly as possible and to prevent them from occurring, and that the Police occupies a very important place in the Polish crisis management system.


Police, crisis management system, crisis management


DOI: 10.24356/SEL/26/3