Bezpieczeństwo pasażerów statków powietrznych – wybrane zagadnienia

Paulina Kowalska



Civil aviation is developing at a very quick pace and is considered one of the safest transport modes. A high level of security is maintained owing to multiple procedures and the operation of many specialized systems and services that guarantee an appropriate level of safety for both passengers and the entire airport staff. The purpose of the paper is to indicate what contributes to maximum  safety in civil aviation, and to answer the question whether aircraft passengers feel safe at airports and when travelling by plane. The author shows how the level of security in aviation has been rising over years and indicates what the most frequent causes of accidents are. Then, services responsible for airport security and their tasks are described. The presentation of survey results has helped to determine, in turn, that people travelling by plane feel safe during the travel.


passenger security, aircraft, civil aviation


DOI: 10.24356/SEL/27/3