Terroryzm a bezpieczeństwo w turystyce

Natalia Czop



The paper describes the impact of terrorism on tourism safety and the activities aimed at the prevention of attacks in which tourists might be harmed. The paper’s purpose is to indicate the main threats related to tourist travels and to discuss practices and regulations regarding terrorism that operate both in Poland and in the whole European Union. The research method used here is critical analysis of literature. First, terrorism is described as a factor delimiting tourist activity, and places are indicated that are most endangered by attacks in the contemporary reality. Examples of 21st century terrorist attacks related to tourism are also given. Then, activities undertaken to protect Polish tourists are discussed, as well as the services responsible for their safety abroad. Finally, topics related to fight with terrorism in the European Union are discussed; the level of terrorism threat is relatively low there. The entire consideration has indicated that tourism security applies to all stages of a journey, including planning, and it requires both appropriate political and system solutions, and the prudence on the part of tourists.


tourism, tourism security, terrorism


DOI: 10.24356/SEL/27/2