Psychopatologia seryjnych zabójców a zagrożenie bezpieczeństwa publicznego w Polsce

Denys Donkohlo



This article aims to show the influence of the psychopathology of the multiple killers on the threat to public safety in Poland. The indirect goal is to learn about the social reactions to serial murders in the local environment of potential victims, forms of securing the safety of the population by law enforcement services, and the existence of differences in responses to security threats from the actions of multiple killers in the period of the PRL (Polish People’s Republic). A case study of two serial killers: Karol Kot (1960s) and Mieczysław Zub (1980s) was used as the research method. Its results have shown that multiple killers’ behavior is caused due to mental disorders and that there were both similarities and differences between the 1960s and 1980s law enforcement services’ reactions to those public safety threats.


psychopathology, multiple killers, serial killers, public safety, threat


DOI 10.53161/SEL/28/1