Wpływ środków przymusu bezpośredniego wykorzystywanych i używanych przez polską policję na poczucie bezpieczeństwa funkcjonariuszy i obywateli

Justyna Łach



The aim of the article was to present how the possibility of use of means of direct coercion affects the sense of security of citizens and police officers. At first, the difference between use of means of direct coercion towards people and animals was indicated, then means which are the most often used by Polish Police officers were pointed out. The most important rules regarding the use of means of direct coercion were also mentioned as well as responsibilities which an officer have to fulfill after using such means. Then the survey results carried on within Police officers and civilians were discussed. Both groups consisted of one hundred people. The study achieved the aim of the article and showed that the measures of direct coercion available to the Polish Police affect the sense of security of both officers and citizens. At the same time, the respondents pointed to the deficiencies in the system of training policemen with regard to the use of those means.


means of direct coercion, use of means of direct coercion, Polish Police


DOI: 10.53161/SEL/28/3