Pies służbowy w służbie polskiej Policji

Paulina Pyko



The purpose of the article is to present the role of police dogs in Polish Police. Preparing dogs for service is something desired due to their usefulness in many areas, which is shown in this paper. Their achievements are approved by a lot of sources of information, and successful police actions with the usage of service dogs are numerous, which is why these animals are considered valuable. To prove the above mentioned, in the article were included information about all stages of the police dogs service and it was analyzed how it all looked over the years. This was done to notice how much work is required to train the dogs for service, how it is continuing during the dogs’ service, and how they are treated after they retire. The author also wants to emphasize why people should not resign from them and why cooperation with dogs is so important. A key to present their role are successes that they achieved, like stopped crimes, drugs found, detected explosives, missing people found. Police dogs are also used for a lot more things which are shown in this paper. The discussed hypothesis was confirmed by using information from multiple resources: among literature, penal code, or articles.


police dog, service, police, Polish Police


DOI: 10.53161/SEL/29/3