Postawa patriotyczna polskich żołnierzy na przykładzie Jednostki Wojskowej nr 2771

Krzysztof Stachurka



Patriotism is an indispensable nation-forming factor. In general sense, it is passion for the homeland as a place of origin or residence. The aim of the article is to analyze the patriotic attitudes of Polish soldiers. Considerations were based on the diagnostic survey with using of the anonymous questionnaire. Achieving the main goal and solving the research problem required answers to a number of research questions which were specific research problems. The aim of these questions was to picture the condition of patriotic knowledge possessed by the respondents. The answers to specific research questions, which were used in the questionnaire, were presented in charts. The analysis led to the conclusion that soldiers perceive the significance of patriotism and present, in large part, patriotic attitudes, and this has an indirect impact on the internal security of the state.


patriotic attitudes, patriotism, Polish soldiers, army unit


DOI: 10.24356/SEL/24/2