Security Economy & Law. Students’ Scientific Papers has been started at the beginning of the academic year 2012/2013 from the initiative of WSBPiI Apeiron’s students. SEL contains texts from the scientific disciplines in which WSBPiI Apeiron and cooperating universities specialize: administration, law and security in its three dimensions. These texts connect the idea of promoting the University, especially the students – future scientists and specialists, members of the Scientific Circles, especially Scientific Circle “Administracji autonomicznym systemem bezpieczeństwa” which is operating at University. Sometimes some of the students’ work gain recognition and are added to common knowledge, SEL gives a possibility for the students’ works to be recognized by the international academic community.

Publication in SEL is open to each student, whose text receives positive reviews form the members of the scientific board and meet editorial requirements.

Electronic version constitutes a primary version of the journal

ISSN 2353-0669

Publication fee: 125 zł (30 €) per article