Oblicza terroryzmu i walka z nim

Ewa Olejnik
Akademia Obrony Narodowej w Warszawie

[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”]The following article is a description of the terrorism as the phenomenon in global world, the profile of the terrorist, the scope of operations of assassins and preventive undertakings. An act of terror is presenting as one of the greatest contemporary threats towards people. The article highlights importance of media attention in the terrorist attacks. It describes assassins motives, show how women and children are involved in the terrorist activity. Countries touched by violence are concerned about the national security. Analysis of events from 7th July 2005 in London became a pretext for the counteraction for terrorism worldwide. The paper says about involving governments and police in preventive terminations. It also pays attention for sensitizing all sorts of societies of different countries to the issue of the terrorism.[/accordion]
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terrorist, attack, assault, terrorism, bomb attack
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