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[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”]The aim of the paper was to determine effective punches and manner of throwing them in professional boxing (heavyweight class) on the basis of an analysis of selected boxing matches.
The research material consisted of twenty five boxing matches of leading heavyweight boxing competitors. Boxing matches have been selected on the basis of video analysis, each video has been played several times. The following aspect have been recorded in behaviour observation sheets: punch type, the number of punches (a single punch vs. a series of punches), body part which was hit (torso or head), range in which the punch was thrown.
The most effective punches, which resulted in knockout or knockdown, were right hook punches ending a series of punches, thrown in medium range, into the opponent’s head. Hook punches turned out to be more effective than jabs and uppercuts. They were thrown mainly in medium range with torso being turned.
The conducted analysis can be used in training before professional matches. Attention should be paid to practicing series of punches and their combinations should end in hook punches thrown at the head. When it comes to motor skills, special endurance should be taken into consideration.
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Boxing, effectiveness in a fight, heavyweight
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