Katarzyna MATYSEK
Biuro Ochrony Rządu


[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”] The dynamics of changes in the sphere of threats to public security causes
that the activities undertaken by entities responsible for the prevention
and counteraction of the effects of their occurrence must be constantly
verified and streamlined.
Public security tasks are carried out, among others, by special services,
the Police, Border Guard, Customs Service and the Government Protection
Bureau. The indicated entities must consistently and effectively implement
the tasks imposed on them. It is necessary, therefore, to involve
forces and resources (personal and material) to the extent that is adequate
to potential threats. The above is limited by the possibilities resulting from
existing personal and material potential. Particularly important from
the point of view of effectiveness in the implementation of tasks is the personal
potential of each from the services listed above. Thanks to people
who carry out tasks in the field of security protection, their special features,
commitment, right attitudes and behavior the potential threats can
be successfully counteracted.

Activities in the field of protection of the most important authorities
and public administration are carried out by the Government Protection
Bureau. Professional adaptation in this service is the engagement of an officer
into professional practice. The beginning of the adaptation process
is the stage of recruitment, during which the candidate for the officer gets
acquainted with the requirements of the formation and confronts them
with his/her own professional expectations. As part of the professional adaptation
process, the officer is subjected to a training process and then
verification of knowledge and skills. Professional adaptation serves to create
a posture in the officer and behavior consistent with the organizational
culture of the formation.[/accordion]
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Professional adaptation, organizational culture, service, professional ethics, Government Protection Bureau
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[accordion title=”DOI”] 10.24356/SEL/16/8 [/accordion]