Zagrożenie i bezpieczeństwo oraz ich współzależność

Grzegorz Kuzara
Wyższa Szkoła Bezpieczeństwa Publicznego i Indywidualnego „Apeiron” w Krakowie

[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”]The article is devoted to consideration about the meaning of notion “security” and notion “threat”. Overviewed presentation of opinions and definitions of foremost authors in those fields and disclosing the typology of threats and types of security aims toward showing the most important features both of the phenomena. It leads to the conclusion that security and threats are opposed notions but on the other hand at the same time they are strongly connected as well. The article also pays attention to multidimensionality of phenomenon of security which influences difficulties with its unambiguous defining and even makes it impossible.[/accordion]

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threat, security, interdependence of threats and security
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[accordion title=”DOI”] 10.24356/SEL/20/6 [/accordion]