Metodologiczne i badawcze założenia pracy dyplomowej z dyscypliny nauk o bezpieczeństwie – przykład

Jacek A. Piwowarski



The text is an excerpt from the methodological part of the thesis prepared by the author. It was created for young scientists writing thesis in the discipline of security sciences. The aim of the publication is to show how methodological and research assumptions of diploma theses in security can be formulated. Additionally, the author wants to discuss and constructively criticize the creation of concepts in this area. For that purpose, he presented the subject, the scope and the aim of work which concerns the role of the private security sector in ensuring security during mass events. Then he outlined the main problem and specific problems (questions) as well as the main hypothesis and working hypotheses of the thesis. Next, the author indicated the methods, techniques and research tools used, as well as the course and area of ​​research. At the end he defined the assumptive scientific and research restrictions. This allowed to create a specific model for formulating the concept of methodological and research diploma theses in security sciences.


thesis, methodology, research assumptions, the concept of thesis


DOI: 10.24356/SEL/25/2