Siły Zbrojne RP w systemie zarządzania kryzysowego

Juliusz Piwowarski
Barbara Piwowarska
Jacek A. Piwowarski



A properly trained army is the basis of a well-functioning state so the role of the Polish Armed Forces is not limited to war operations only. The Polish Army also supports the non-military policy of the state, including crisis management. The aim of the article is to show how important role the Polish Armed Forces play in the functioning of the crisis management system in Poland, as well as to indicate the potential the army has in this regard. For that purpose, the authors indicate the most important responsibilities and aims of the Polish Armed Forces, their place in the crisis management system in Poland and in the Ministry of National Defense, as well as the use of the Polish Army and regional organs of military administration (army recruiting commands and voivodeship military headquarters) in operations supporting public administration.


Polish Armed Forces, crisis management system, crisis management, regional organs of military administration


DOI: 10.24356/SEL/25/3