Wykorzystywanie psów służbowych w formacjach mundurowych

Helena Błaszczyk



The aim of the article is to raise the level of knowledge about the use of dogs by uniformed services. The thesis is that dogs significantly increase the efficiency of services working for the security of citizens and allow to raise its level. To prove the validity of this claim, the author characterizes patterns of breeds of dogs used for work in services as well as discusses three main categories of service dogs: defenders, guardians and trackers, along with their tasks. Factors and elements of training having an impact on the effectiveness of dogs’ work are also indicated. In conclusion, the author gives examples of other uses of dogs to help people. This allows to prove the thesis put forward at the beginning of the article and also to draw attention to the great responsibility of man working with a dog since the animal’s behavior and its proper preparation for service depends on people.


service dogs, uniformed services, patterns of breeds of dogs


DOI: 10.24356/SEL/25/1