Statek powietrzny jako obiekt lub narzędzie zamachu terrorystycznego

Tomasz Kurowski



The purpose of the article is to present aviation terrorism as a serious modern threat which requires the use of multiple national and international control and security measures. This is because aircraft can become targets or tools in terrorist attacks. The author provides an overview of the history of aviation terrorism and lists its characteristics. In addition, the system used in Poland for identifying airborne terrorist threats is described. Also discussed are the major Polish and international legal regulations related to combating aviation terrorism in the civilian aviation sector, including the Tokyo, Hague, Montreal and Beijing Conventions. The article concludes with a list of defensive measures used at airports and on board planes. The issues discussed demonstrate that aviation terrorism is a major threat which requires advanced security measures.


aviation terrorism, airborne terrorist threats, civil aviation security


DOI: 10.24356/SEL/26/2