Small scale compartment fire – geometry of space

Jana Müllerová
Maroš Krajčír



Knowledge of the burning processes and factors that affect them is necessary to successfully determine the causes of a fire. The various and complex phenomena accompanying combustion, in particular the features of combustion that come into play during fires, are in many cases the subject of research and discussion. Conflicts most often arise between an investigator and a technical expert during the evaluation of the versions of a fire outbreak and the possible causes of a fire. Expert opinions affect the final result of the investigation. The expert is the one who must take into account the peculiarities of the combustion which serves as the basis for the formulation of the expertise during the investigation. Deep knowledge of the conditions for the occurrence of fire, of the fire’s basic properties, of fire-related technical characteristics of materials as well as of factors influencing the character of the fire are essential in the process of determining the causes of fires. Investigators, experts and fire fighters face these facts.


burning processes, causes of a fire, combustion, compartment fire, fire-related characteristics of materials


DOI: 10.24356/SEL/27/1