Status, rola i zadania Żandarmerii Wojskowej w Polsce

Marcelina Kaczmarska-Bialik



Security is one of the most crucial human existential needs. Governments constitute special forces to provide national security on the state level. Their task is to maintain order in society and counteract any threats. This article aims to present a troop formation which is Military Gendarmerie. Its genesis date back to the 16th century, and for the following centuries it has been developing, appearing under different names and performing many various functions, always focused on providing security. Presently Military Gendarmerie is based on a reliable legal basis and clearly defined objectives and missions. As a non-dependent specialized military unit, Military Gendarmerie cooperates with many other organizations not only in Poland but also with those of an international character, to maintain and protect security.


security, public security, military gendarmerie


DOI: 10.53161/SEL/28/2