Straż Pocztowa – historia i współczesność

Robert Faron



In Poland, protection of all strategic institutions, as well as private enterprises, took place already in the interwar period. It was particularly visible within Poczta Polska, where the Pocztowe Przysposobienie Obronne operated. The main goal of that organization was to prepare postal workers, both men and women, for possible actions at the front. This was extremely important at a time when there were no physical education lessons in schools. In post-war Poland, the Industrial Guard began to function, within which the Postal Guard was also established. This paper aims to present and analyze the genesis  and development of the Postal Guard over the years, and to present its current state. The genesis and development of the Postal Security Service, the Postal Guard, and the entities that followed it, i.e. the Concession Services Center and the Poczta Polska Ochrony Division were presented as well.


postal guard, Poland, the Polish Post, Postal Security Service


DOI 10.53161/SEL/29/1