The Editorial Team accepts papers at least 10 pages in length. Manuscripts are to be written in Polish, English or one of the other Congress languages. They should be sent via e-mail to or (preferably), or via traditional post to:

Security, Economy and Law – Editorial Team
Wyższa Szkoła Bezpieczeństwa Publicznego i Indywidualnego „Apeiron” w Krakowie
ul. Krupnicza 3
31-123 Kraków

Papers should be saved into a Word-compatible file (.doc, .docx, .rtf). Font type: 12 Times New Roman CE or an equivalent Cyrillic font; single space of 1.5 lines; standard margins (2.5 cm); references: numbered, in alphabetic order, at the end of the text.


  1. Abstract – it must be written in English, and be 100–200 words in length. It should summarize the main points of the paper; it should be informative and self-explanatory, so as to give the general idea of the gist of the paper without the reference to the main text. It should include the essential results that contribute to the conclusions of the work.
  2. An extended abstract of ca. 1.500 characters with spaces, which should follow the structure of the article. This abstract is intended for Polish readers and, if submitted in English or another Congress language, it will be translated into Polish.
  3. 3-5 key words, both in the language of the paper and in English. Keywords must differ from the words used in the title of the paper.
  4. Short Author’s biographical note.
  5. Final references (bibliography) should only include publications cited in the article and should be edited as laid out below:
    • For books: Rosa R., Filozofia bezpieczeństwa, Warszawa 1995.
    • For articles in journals: Koziej S., Bezpieczeństwo i obronność Unii Europejskiej, „Myśl Wojskowa”, 2005, no. 1.
    • For articles in books: Kudelska M., Filozofia Indii – kilka uwag wstępnych, [in:] Filozofia Wschodu, v. I, B. Szymańska (ed.), Krakow 2001.
  6. Citations should be placed in numbered footnotes and follow the pattern provided below:
    • For books: R. Rosa, Filozofia bezpieczeństwa, Warszawa 1995.
    • For articles in journals: S. Koziej, Bezpieczeństwo i obronność Unii Europejskiej, „Myśl Wojskowa”, 2005, no. 1.
    • For articles in books: M. Kudelska, Filozofia Indii – kilka uwag wstqpnych, [in:] Filozofia Wschodu, t. I, B. Szymanska (red.), Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Krakow 2001.
    • For sources already cited, use standard Latin terms: ibidem, op. cit., etc.

Other technical requirements

  • Quotations should be marked with double inverted commas: “…”. For embedded quotes, use »…«.
  • Pictures, charts and illustrations: 300 dpi.
  • The Editorial Team reserves the right to shorten and edit the papers.

Legal and ethical requirements

Authors should enclose a signed statement acknowledging the genuineness of the text (preferably, a scan of such a document).

By publishing in “Security, Economy & Law” authors transfer the copyrights to the papers to the Publisher. Please enclose a statement to that effect.
All articles are reviewed in double-blind system – see our reviewing procedure for details.

By submitting a paper, Author accepts the policy of the journal, especially our Code of Ethics. In particular, please remember that as ghostwriting and guest authorship are unacceptable manifestations of scientific misconduct. All detected cases will be reported to relevant institutions. In every case of co-authorship, authors are obliged to enclose a statement of contribution.


Authors are not paid for providing their articles to Security, Economy & Law.

The publishing fee is suspended, however if an author decides to withdraw his article after it has been positively reviewed, he will anyway be required to pay 40 PLN (10 €) per article.