Narkomania jako zagrożenie bezpieczeństwa personalnego

Monika Szarek



In this article the author analyzes the possible relationships that may result between drug addicts and personal security. The aim of the paper is to answer how drug addiction affects the sense of personal safety. It presents the essential issues related to drug addiction, security, and drug-related crime. The drug addiction phenomenon is quite a challenge for the whole world. The growing demand for narcotic drugs is undoubtedly associated with the higher production and distribution of narcotic drugs. Most people do not realize how much drug addiction affects the sense of personal safety and collide with it only when the problem of drug addiction begins to affect them personally to some extent. The paper presents the position of the participating respondents in the survey, who in the vast majority believe that drugs and drug addictions affect the sense of personal safety.


drug addiction, drugs, security, personal safety


DOI: 10.53161/SEL/29/4