Rola dzielnicowego w kształtowaniu poczucia bezpieczeństwa w społecznościach lokalnych

Wiktor Deńca

[accordion title=”ABSTRACT”]The presented article indicates the role and the tasks of the district officer in local communities. The district officer is one of the most important functions in the institution of the police at all because it has a significant impact on the image of that formation. It is due to the fact that the district officer is the closest to people, he/she is a policeman of the first contact for residents in case of problems, e.g. with domestic violence. He is also often the first officer that gets to know about a criminal act in a particular territory or about another security incident. To sum up, the district officer is, in a sense, an “ambassador” of the police in the local community, who has a significant impact on the level of citizens’ trust to the institution and their willingness to cooperate with it.[/accordion]
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Police, district police officer, local community, sense of security

[accordion title=”DOI”]10.24356/SEL/23/2[/accordion]